How our Risk Management Hub ensures we give timely and appropriate advice.

There is a natural cycle in risk management.  The advice and support you need depends on where you are currently in this cycle.  To ensure we always give appropriate advice we apply our Risk Management Hub.  The Hub is effective for a wide range of risks and works particularly well for asbestos management, legionella control and COSHH assessment and management. From our first contact with you, our aim is to ensure our services are targeted and effective.


Thew Risk Management Hub showing stages companies may have reached and the appropriate actions to move them forwards


It’s sometimes difficult to know whether you have a problem or not.  It is always hard to judge its scale – and the appropriate response.

We use appropriate techniques to provide the answers to the questions you may ask:

  • Do I have a real problem? – Yes/No judgement
  • How serious is it? – risk gap analysis
  • Do I need more information? – asbestos surveys, air monitoring, water sampling, etc
  • In broad terms, what do I need to do? – risk assessment or training needs analysis

Our diagnosis enables you to make valid judgements.  We’ll ensure you neither take needless action and waste resourses, nor fail to identify actions that will protect people and your business into the future.



When you know the extent of your problem you need to develop the appropriate strategy to tackle it effectively.

We work with you to develop:

  • Clear management policies, strategies and plans
  • Appropriate standards of controls and checks
  • Relevant training for managers and employeees
  • Effective record keeping

Developing robust systems need not be time-consuming or complicated, but it will ensure that your solutions remain effective into the future.



Even with well-developed systems, implementation of change is often a challenge.

We support you through this process with:

  • Authoritive independant evidence for your judgements
  • Priority setting and next steps action
  • Coaching for middle managers and supevisors
  • Briefings for senior management
  • Talks to employees

The best change is culture change.  By ensuring effective implementation of your project you can secure the active support of people throughout your organisation.



Maintaining effective systems can be time-consuming and stressful.

We provide ongoing assistance through:

  • Advice in person, by email and by direct telephone access
  • Providing direct management for all or parts of your risk management
  • Supervision of contractors
  • Record keeping

Getting some tasks off your desk and into the hands of a specialist gives you confidence and frees up time.  We work along side you and report progress regularly.



A periodic assessment of your risk management performance ensures your systems are robust, compliant and up to date.

We provide thorough assessment of your risk management through:

  • Risk-assessment reviews as required by regulations
  • Document only or full system audits
  • Techical reviews such as asbestos re-inspections, airborne exposure sampling, legionella sampling
  • Achievements and target setting reports

Only through reviewing your risk management periodically can you demonstrate that it remains valid and effective.  Our reviews and audits are positive management tools and identify progress and achievements as well as points for action.


How can we help you?

A ring-back call or initial site visit is free and without obligation.  We’ll discuss your challenges and suggest ways to take your risk management to the next stage and further.  If you agree with our strategy, we’ll produce a detailed proposal for your consideration.  If it’s urgent, we can start immediately.


Email us or call for a ring-back on 01924 882426