Whatever your business, if you have water systems they may be at risk from Legionella bacteria.

Legionnaires’ disease is thankfully rare, but when an outbreak does occur many people can be infected and about 12% of them die. So managing the risks is important to protect both people’s health and your business.

Legionella management need not be costly and at Epsilon we provide the services you need, with no unnecessary extras.  We work to the standards laid out in HSE’s ACoP L8 and the supporting guidance HSG 274, that ensure you meet your legal duties.

Talk to us to discuss what you need for your types of water system. This will vary, but our full range of services is:


Legionella risk assessment

Risk assessment is the starting point and decides what else you need to do to keep water systems safe.  We will inspect and record your water systems and assess the risks.  All water systems have some level of Legionella risk.  Many require only a record of the risks from Legionella and simple regular checks.  Others will need periodic cleaning and disinfection, regular Legionella treatment and more detailed checks.

Record keeping and Legionella management plan

You need to be able to demonstrate – to yourselves and the authorities – that you have assessed the risk and are doing what is required by law and good practice.  We will set up your Legionella management plan that simply lays out the risks and what you are doing about them.  The plan will include records of risk assessments, cleaning and disinfections, weater treatment, Legionella sampling and any water checks.  We can also coach your ‘appointed person’ to ensure they are aware of their duties too.

Cleaning, disinfection and treatment

If some of your water systems are higher risk, you may need to carry our cleaning and disinfection from time to time and introduce water treatment that controls the growth of Legionella bacteria.  We can complete and manage all this for you, providing you with documentation of the actions taken and peace of mind.

Regular checks of your systems

Most systems need some form of regular checks.  You can leave this to us, knowing that the checks will be done as needed, the appropriate records kept and knowing that you will be kept informed of the results and any problems that have arisen.

Legionella testing

It can be helpful, and is sometimes required, to carry out Legionella testing of your water systems.  We will ensure these are done as required, reported promptly and recorded properly.

Audits and emergency actions

If you are unsure of where you are with your Legionella management, or just want to have a regular review, an audit is the way to get on the right track and stay there.  And if you find your self in an emergency situation – perhaps an outbreak in your area – then we have the knowledge and experience to help you take the appropriate actions.
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