Sampling and analysis for COSHH needs specialised equipment, qualified staff and expert interpretation.  We provide access to all of these.  We will advise you on whether you need sampling, the appropriate strategy and what to do with the results.  The usual measurement is air sampling of exposure by inhalation to dusts, fumes, vapours and gases.

Why use air sampling?

Air sampling can be used in COSHH for a number of reasons:

  • To complete an exposure risk assessment for COSHH
  • To accurately determine the protection needed by RPE
  • For on-going monitoring of exposure under COSHH Regulation 10
  • To demonstrate compliance with the COSHH Regulations

Trust Epsilon with your air sampling

Our air sampling is carried out by qualified occupational hygienists and we use only accredited laboratories for the analysis.  You will receive a detailed report in plain language that will clearly explain any problems you may have and give our recommendations for action if required.

To talk through your requirements with no obligation, please contact us.

Lapel sampler for personal air sampling

Personal air sampling

  • Sampling carried out by qualified occupational hygienists.
  • Analysis by accredited laboratories
  • Detailed yet clearly written reports.