Managing effective assessment and control of substances hazardous to health

Many thousands of workers continue to be made ill by exposure to harmful substances in the workplace.  Effective COSHH management will identify all hazards, correctly assess risk and implement effective control measures. If you haven’t got all these covered, you may not be compliant with COSHH.

With full occupational hygiene qualifications and extensive experience, we can take on these tasks or guide you through them.  We’ll ensure you all risks by all substances and through all the routes they can enter the body.  We’ll recommend COSHH control strategies that meet the required standards and are cost effective.  And we’ll show you how to manage COSHH so that you systems remain effective.

We will tailor services to your exact needs but a typical package could include:

  • Completing your COSHH assessments, or guiding you though them
  • Showing you how to control risks effectively.
  • Auditing your current assessment and control to ensure compliance
  • Training your assessors and those responsible for control to ensure you meet the necessary standards.
  • Providing COSHH awareness training to your employees.
  • Establishing an effective system of review and audit.

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The new COSHH label pictograms

Make sure your COSHH assessments are REACH/CLP/GHS compliant