Managing asbestos in premises can involve complex plans.  And asbestos management plans have to be effective into the future if workers are to be protected.  Auditing your plans can give you the reassurance that you are meeting your objectives and the legal requirements.  You can carry out an internal audit of course, and this page will show you some of the areas you should consider.  But an external audit is a cost-effective way of adding objectivity and tapping into our expertise.  Discuss your requirements.

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Aim.  The aim of an audit is to measure and review performance.  It will generate evidence of your current position for your own use, to brief company management, or to demonstrate to third parties that you are on top of the subject.  In broad terms, you need to:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in the asbestos management plan
  • Report objectives successfully achieved
  • Recommend actions for improvement
  • Suggest targets for future performance

Method.  To do this, you can consider subdividing the audit into four areas:  the management system; documents; communications, and compliance.

Management systems. Topics include:

  • Internal control of asbestos management remains valid and reliable
  • Key personnel are trained and understand their role
  • Management information passes effectively
  • Management loops are completed

Documentation. Topics include:

  • Quality and cost effectiveness of third party work
  • Accuracy of records
  • Regular revisions confirmed
  • Appropriate instructions

Communications. Topics include:

  • Information and instructions are accurate and readily understood
  • Appropriate for the receiver
  • Understood and acted upon by the receiver
  • Feedback communication is effective

Compliance. Topics include:

  • Up to date regulations, ACoPs and guidance are in use
  • Correct methods and standards are adopted
  • Management plan provides evidence of compliance
  • Plan reflects reality on inspection

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Managing asbestos in premises