Ensuring your established control measures are complete and remain effective can be a difficult judgement from within any organisation.  A simple but thorough audit of your health and safety management helps to ensure that your resources have been used to full effect.  Good auditing is about measuring achievement as well as identifying problems.  You can of course do this internally, but an outside view will add a level of objectivity and you can tap into our expertise.

And if you have had an incident, our expertise will help you put things right and learn the appropriate lessons.  Epsilon’s Principal, Niall Evans, has a background as a principal inspector in HSE and is ideally qualified to assist in these tasks.


  • Audit your control and management measures against in-house objectives and legal requirements
  • Assist in investigations of exposure incidents
  • Recommend remedies and improvements where necessary
  • Support you in your discussions with enforcing authorities

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Providing audit services and assistance with the investigation of incidents

Audit services and expert assistance with investigations