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Asbestos surveys are not a legal requirement but they are often a vital part of your asbestos management.  We can advise you on whether you need to survey, how to get surveys done correctly, or carry out professional asbestos surveys for you.

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Do I need an asbestos survey?

You probably do not need a survey if your building was built after 1999, when all asbestos was banned from use.  You may not need to survey now if no maintenance is currently done on any or parts of your premises.

You do not need an asbestos survey if you assume all suspect materials are asbestos and take the necessary precautions.  In most other situations you will need an asbestos survey.  To talk this through with someone – ask for a ring-back.

What type of asbestos survey do I need?

Asbestos surveys vary depending on what information you need about the asbestos on your premises.  Surveys come in many forms but the two basic types are:

  • Asbestos management surveys.  These surveys look for asbestos materials that may be disturbed during routine occupation or maintenance of your premises.  They allow you to manage the materials and warn people, especially maintenance staff and installers, where the asbestos materials are.
  • Asbestos demolition/refurbishment surveys.  These surveys look deeper for all the asbestos materials on your premises.  These are necessary when you are planning work that will significantly disturb building and insulation materials.  They allow you to cost and plan your project so that any asbestos materials are safely handled.

We can carry out all professional asbestos surveys for you, or if you prefer, help you to choose competent independant surveyors and assess their reports as part of your asbestos management plan.  To talk through your options please contact us.

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