Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR)

Asbestos remains by far the biggest killer of British workers. Five thousand people a year die of asbestos related diseases, including over one thousand tradesmen.

The essential task is to manage the risks from asbestos that are present in many buildings. Effective management consists of two parts: management plans put in place by whoever is responsible for the maintenance of the building, and asbestos awareness training for those workers who may disturb asbestos in their normal work.

Asbestos management plans

Management plans are required under Regulation 4 of CAR – ‘Duty to manage asbestos’.  Epsilon will provide consultancy and/or training expertise to support you and your staff in meeting legal requirements and producing a long-term strategy.  Find out more:

Asbestos awareness

The one thousand tradesmen dying each year were exposed to asbestos as they maintained or refurbished buildings.  Exposure can be prevented if workers are aware of the risks of asbestos, where it may be found and what to do if they disturb it.  Find out more:

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