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The trick for successful control of health risks in the workplace is having both technical knowledge and good management.  Ask any inspector!

Epsilon has the expertise to provide you with both.

We specialise in managing asbestos, Legionella and COSHH risks.  If you’re starting from scratch, or building on your progress so far, we can take you to the next level and beyond.

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The aim

Our aim is to work with you to implement legally sufficient and cost effective measures as a minimum.  If you want to go further, we can help with that too.

We can give you a strategy that makes sure control measures are properly identified and  maintained.  That way they remain effective.

With specialist expertise gained over two decades in the HSE we can provide the expertise to ensure:

  • All hazards are identified
  • Risks are properly assessed
  • Effective control measures are put in place
  • Control measures are maintained and monitored
  • Staff at all levels are properly trained.
  • Audit your control measures and investigate incidents
  • Provide expert opinion when you are faced with legal challenges

Call us on 01924 882 426 or email us.

Occupational hygiene consultancy services

Occupational hygiene consultancy services

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